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Our mission is to provide an independent, low-cost, self-directed, wealth portfolio decision-making software platform for everyone. And, we mean everyone. That is why we work so hard to make sure Ripsaw® can model as many asset types as possible and can add or solve for any missing data or information.

Ripsaw® uses multiple quality sources for security data. However, there is no perfection. We must anticipate that there will be situations from time to time in which pieces of data are not available, misclassified or erroneous. Additionally, we have seen cases where Ripsaw Members lost overrides while working through account connection issues, dealing with investments with non-public or changing tickers and security details, and situations where a proxy ticker could be more suitable for monitoring your wealth in Ripsaw®.

Introducing the new and improved Security Overrides tool that gives you a flexible interface to solve these challenges. Not only can it help make corrections and maintain them, it will alert you to data quality issues, and apply the overrides to all instances of the security if it’s held in multiple accounts.  When security data is more accurate the rest of the Ripsaw® Wealth Tools suite serves you best with the most possible precision.

The new Security Overrides Tool now includes:

  • An easily accessible manager.

    •  Shows all data quality issues where a security override would likely be needed.

    • All existing security overrides grouped by with details of each override and the ability to remove or modify:

      • Descriptive, bond and stock information for the same security to be applied in multiple accounts

      • Unique security information (i.e., price and quantity) in a specific account.

      • Existing security overrides not currently in use.

  • Color-coded data management interface for easy resolution of data quality issues.

  • Retains overrides not currently in use for convenience if you expect to hold the security again soon.

  • Ability to  choose a proxy for any security.

    •  All the fields in the security will be overridden with those of the proxy. This allows you to track the proxy instead (or because your security is not public and it’s details cannot be retrieved).

    • This feature can also be used to get updated prices for a mutual fund during the day by using an ETF as a proxy. The price of the proxy will be used and the quantity will be overridden using the simple

    • Ability to access security overrides tools from holdings and accounts views as well as manager.

Also, we want to let everyone know we did migrate all the legacy data overrides for Ripsaw Members that had them in place. The migration went smoothly, but If there seems to be an issue with any existing override, try removing it and adding it back and that should resolve. And as always please provide any feedback on the migration and/or the new features to

Application Settings:
New section in settings allowing you to choose personal preferences for Ripsaw such as choosing defaults for toolbar state.

We also smashed lots of bugs in v 1.7!

Try today!

See previous release info.

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