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Lifetime Wealth Planning: Now with Financial Goals!

By June 14, 2023October 26th, 2023No Comments

The reaction from members to our innovative Lifetime Wealth Planning tools has been amazing! They love the new onboarding process of planning and the clarity of realistic  feasibility of their retirement.

Whether it’s a down payment on a new home or saving for a wedding, big purchases or life events can be daunting. People always ask “can I afford that?”. Now, with Ripsaw® 2.2 you can answer those big questions. Add and manage your Financial Goals & Life Events and see their impact on your Lifetime Wealth Plan! You can truly explore tradeoffs of everything in your long term financial life!

The new Lifetime Wealth Planning with Goals

A truly comprehensive solution for the simultaneous decisions required for planning goals and investment objectives. Using  the current market’s forward-looking lifetime probability distribution of outcomes to show you wealth expectations in the future.

  • Dynamic, accessible, live, comprehensive, simultaneous decisions for goals and investment objectives with lifetime probability distributions of outcomes based on current forward-looking market offerings.
  • Evaluate the savings, spending and investment decision trade offs over your lifetime.
  • Provides a current market analysis for the feasibility and downside risk of your goals. The risk of ruin are outcomes that run out of money prior to the user’s goals, especially in retirement.
  • Determine tradeoffs among competing goals. 
  • During the planning process, a user reveals their preferred lifetime expected wealth versus risk tradeoff that realistically accomplishes their goals and satisfies their investment objectives.




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