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A Unique Concept, An Independent Company, and a Whole New Way of Managing Your Wealth.

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In Your Control

Why is it important that Ripsaw LLC is an independent and 100% founder owned company? Ripsaw® is not and never intends to be a financial advisor. Our fundamental premise is that you are the best person to be ultimately responsible for your wealth decisions. Our independence means we only seek to provide you with the wealth management software and tools and have no influence on or incentives to push anyone to any particular investments.

An Independent Company

Ripsaw LLC is an independent financial software company that puts the user in control of their wealth management. The low fixed-cost subscription platform, Ripsaw® Wealth Tools, is designed to allow anyone to focus on achieving their investment objectives with a set of tools for net worth portfolio construction, monitoring and revision decisions.

Ripsaw Mission

  • Expand financial education to put people in control of their financial lives.
  • Provide an independent, low-cost, self-directed, wealth portfolio decision-making software platform for everyone.
  • Accelerate the shift from percentage-based investment advisor fees to value-add tools for do-it-yourself investors, financial education, and collaboration with financial planners/wealth advisors.

That’s it! We will never sell your data or influence you.

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Safe & Secure

We value your privacy and work hard to keep your data safe and secure. With strong partnerships for account data aggregation and connections and to keep your credentials safe, we use Envestnet | Yodlee who maintains bank level security and is audited like a bank. The credentials stored are hardware encrypted and the keys used for encryption cannot be accessed by anyone, including Envestnet | Yodlee employees. All Ripsaw application data and credentials are stored in Amazon Web Services with encryption.

Our Data & Security Partners:

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What Members Are Saying

See how Ripsaw has helped our users in managing and optimizing their investments, see how investments may change over time, and plan for important financial and life goals.

“Say goodbye to spreadsheets! This unique independent subscription service combines electronic access to fundamental security data with all your assets and liabilities and a set of tools for managing customized portfolios. Enormous productivity is achieved with its optimizer and assist tools for wealth portfolio management.”

—Frank J. Fabozzi

Editor, The Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Financial Data Science

Loving Ripsaw Optimizer!! Helps give me the confidence I need to manage my own investments with up to date access to my entire wealth portfolio!!

EllenNew York

Portfolio revision helped me simulate the effects of buying a new home on my wealth portfolio. It was awesome to fully understand what this big life event meant.