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Welcome to the DIY Wealth Blog presented by Ripsaw®

By March 29, 2021June 22nd, 2022No Comments
Stanley J. Kon, our Co-Founder and Chairman has recently written a book that thoroughly explains his approach to wealth management. This DIY finance guide is a great companion to Ripsaw® Wealth Tools! This is the companion blog to Ripsaw® Wealth Tools and Do-It-Yourself Wealth Management Software.


Ripsaw® is proud to present the new DIY Wealth Management Blog.  This is the next evolution of our Co-Founder and Chairman, Stanley J. Kon’s book Do-It-Yourself Wealth Management.  Like the book, the blog will take you through key concepts of a “Do-It-Yourself” investment process for wealth portfolio management, monitoring and revision. The blog will also feature Wealth Management Tips and news and information about Wealth Management, Investing and leveraging the Ripsaw® Wealth Tools platform.

This is the companion blog to Do-It-Yourself Wealth Management and Ripsaw® Wealth Tools

DIY Wealth and Ripsaw


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