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RIPSAW 2.0 – Lifetime Wealth Planning, Guided Onboarding, Informed Benchmark Portfolio Selection

  • Guided onboarding
    • Now new and existing users can get started with more guidance. Intake workflows that gather all your custom information for superior financial planning and portfolio management.
  • My Plan/Benchmark
    • Your new lifetime wealth planning tool is a simultaneous set of decisions among these key variables:
      • Current portfolio size 
      • Retirement date
      • Annual savings for investment prior to retirement
      • Annual net withdrawals in retirement
      • Length of retirement
      • Expected Wealth vs Risk investment strategy
    • Discover the plan that determines how much you need to save, when you want to retire, how much you can spend in retirement, how long will that spending last and how much you can expect to leave your heirs and others.
    • Retirement Planning with downside risk and upside potential probabilities of wealth accumulation.
    • Range of Expected Wealth versus Risk tradeoffs to help choose your preferred benchmark.
    • Ripsaw analyzes your plan with initial inputs (goals) and provides suggestions on how to adjust your inputs to provide a feasible preferred plan.
  • Benchmark Portfolio Selection
      • The output of wealth planning is your new way to choose a suitable benchmark and then use it to manage your wealth.
  • Manual Accounts
    • Improved user experience and style.
    • Additional guidance on how and what to fill in for each asset and liability type.
  • Squashed a lot of bugs


RIPSAW 1.9 – Transactions Tool

  • This handy new feature breaks down your income and expenses, and shows net savings on a monthly basis. Easily identify areas where you can cut back, while also keeping track of various income sources in one easy-to-use dashboard.

RIPSAW 1.8 –  Current Market Information Improves Portfolio Decisions

  • The Market Information Toolset: It is important to understand current market conditions for your portfolio decisions by seeing what the market is offering going forward in terms of expected return and risk dimensions. The toolset lets you keep an eye on the forward-looking volatility measure (VIX) and the Treasury yield curve. With these inputs and additional analytics, forward-looking expected return, volatility and correlations are derived for defining opportunities in the bond and stock markets. Crypto Market information is also provided. The Market Information Tools will now be the default starting point when you enter Ripsaw.
      • Advanced Analytics compiled into a great market overview.
      • Compare the Yield Curve to previous periods.
      • Monitor Treasury Yields, Incremental Maturity Compensation, Modified Duration, Yield Change Volatility, Return Volatility, and the Expected Sharpe Ratio of each maturity.
      • Analyze the Expected Return of Bond Sectors vs. Interest Rate Sensitivity Total Risk and their Expected Sharpe Ratios.
      • Compare the current CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX® Index) to volatility history to gain perspective on market volatility and look for opportunities while evaluating risk.
      • Analyze what the Stock Market Sectors are offering for Expected Return, Volatility, Expected Sharpe Ratio and the decomposition of their Correlations.
      • Provides the daily performance of your portfolio versus your custom benchmark.
  • Accounts:
      • Added additional categories of Real Assets on accounts view.
      • Added summary value($) of each category.
  • Help Additions:
      • Ability to book a Ripsaw Demo in Ripsaw..
      • Ability to Download iOS app in Ripsaw.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Crypto on mobile now has full details of assets.
    • Resolved Optimizer timing issue when running before all data is refreshed. 
    • Fixed bug where corresponding asset/liabilities were not showing in forms.
    • Fixed bug with oversized icons on balance sheet print page