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Revision Mode

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This mode allows the user to:

  • Simulate changes and their effects at any part of their portfolio
  • Perform buys and sells
  • View accounts
  • Move money between accounts
  • Save revisions
  • Access the Ripsaw Optimizer and Assist (available after running the optimizer first)

After starting a New Revision, the user would be allowed to adjust:

  • Constraints
  • Buy/Sell
  • Dollar Change
  • Quantity Change
  • New Value
  • New Allocation

The user can also:

  • Transfer cash out

  • Transfer cash in

  • Sell all securities

Revision Actions


This saves the current revision. For the first save, the user is allowed to create a name for the revision, similar to Save As below.

Save As

This allows the revision to be saved under a different name.

Revision Summary

This shows a summary update on the current revision.

Leave Revision

This abandons the current revision and discards the changes.


To New Revision

This discards all changes and allows the user to start over.

Keep Added Investments

This allows the user to reset while keeping the added investments that were entered.

Add Account

This allows the user to add an account.

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