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The Innovative DIY Wealth Management Toolset

Minutes to set up. Tools designed for implementing a disciplined wealth management process for all your assets and liabilities.


Manage your investments with automatically updated and readily available investment tools

Balance Sheet and Accounts

Your Balance Sheet and individual accounts have access to all of your web-based bank, brokerage, tax-deferred and loan accounts through connected accounts. Assets and liabilities can also be added and modeled manually. In the Accounts view see your investments organized by accounts with relative aggregate information such as fees and composition.

Customizable Benchmark

Your uniquely selected set of actual investment funds defines your benchmark risk tolerance (strategic asset allocation). Intended deviations from your benchmark represent a tactical asset allocation in order to take advantage of temporary market disruptions, valuation assessments, and supply/demand imbalances. Wealth portfolio return deviations from your benchmark represents measurable performance evaluation.

Configurable Target Date Stock Allocation

In the Benchmark set up you can set a target percentage change and the frequency of that change for your benchmark’s stock allocation.

Investment Screener

The advanced Investment Screener is designed to be an efficient tool to search and add securities with specific risk exposures and characteristics to accounts in order to achieve your desired wealth portfolio strategy. You can also use the screener to filter for low expense ratios and thus reduce fees on your investments.


Your full wealth picture enriched with analytics

Wealth Portfolio Dashboard

Monitor your wealth from any of your devices. The Wealth Portfolio Dashboard is your home base for indications of portfolio construction, monitoring portfolio drift, and revision decisions. Your investment portfolio is enriched with data from various sources for dimensioning and analysis. Compare your aggregate risk dimensions with a customized benchmark in Net Worth or Investment mode. The dashboard also lets you see expenses and yield across your entire portfolio compared to your benchmark. Great for reducing fees and seeing yield impact on portfolio changes.

Market Data

Monitor market movements and volatility right in Ripsaw®. See how the market is interpreting the arrival of new information.

Daily Performance Breakdown Comparison

Compare the changes in value of each of your portfolio holdings with that of your customized benchmark as a source of performance attribution. The performance of your benchmark constituents indicate what is driving market movements.

Benchmark Deviation Indicator

Portfolio benchmark deviation indicators help avoid drifting too far away from your objectives. Adjust deviation thresholds to personal preferences.

Configurable Data Views

Create custom views , filter and sort, and analyze over 70 reference data and risk exposure dimensions.

Charts & Graphs

Data visualizations for detailed asset allocation and to help evaluate portfolio composition differences from your custom benchmark.

Holdings Analysis

The Holdings Analysis feature allows the user to view their wealth portfolio by each investment. That is, aggregating the same investment held in multiple accounts. This view gives the user the relevant percentage of their total wealth portfolio allocated to each investment for return impact and diversification analysis. The full set of security specific details available in Account view are also available in Holdings view plus additional information on fund investment strategies and historical price charts. From the Holdings view, Ripsaw® also provides a mapping and access to which accounts each security is held and their respective unrealized capital gains/losses. This is useful information before executing a portfolio revision.

Data Quality Checks and Notifications

Automatic data checks that help you manage your reference data so that it is ready to take advantage of Ripsaw® Wealth Tools. This is part of the Ripsaw® Notifications feature. Here you will also see news, information, and alerts.

Revise & Optimize

Revise and optimize toward your target asset allocation

Portfolio Revisions

Manage your cash, bond, stock and real asset allocation; stock and bond global exposures; bond default, interest rate and sector risks; stock capitalization, growth, value and sector tilts; expected expenses, yield and income.

Ripsaw Optimizer™

The unique and powerful algorithmic based Ripsaw Optimizer™ makes it easy for you to manage your wealth. Your asset allocation decision can be the most time-consuming and calculation intensive activity in wealth management. The Ripsaw Optimizer™ is designed to solve for your preferred asset allocation across numerous securities with 56 risk dimensions across many accounts with one click. These portfolio optimization tools allow you to set your unique constraints and find solutions to manage your wealth portfolio close to your defined benchmark.

An “Assist” tool identifies underweights in your portfolio, screens for available investments that satisfy those characteristics, adds them to your account(s) and performs an updated optimization.

Revise for Life Events

Easy to use wizard-based revisions for life events such as an annuity purchase, receiving social security or pension benefits, home and vehicle purchases or sales.