Frequently Asked Questions


About Ripsaw

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No, Ripsaw does not custody assets or provide investment accounts. Ripsaw does not intend to be a financial advisor or a brokerage/bank. It is important for Ripsaw’s mission to be independent and only provide the software. Ripsaw does allow you to connect accounts from over 21K financial institution allowing you to use the wealth tools to help you manage your overall wealth portfolio.

According to Do-it-yourself (DIY) investing is a method and strategy in which retail or individual investors choose to build and manage their own portfolios. Do-it-yourself investors commonly utilize discount brokerages and investment account platforms as opposed to full-service brokerages or professional money managers. Ripsaw® Wealth Tools enables DIY investors with a suite of flexible wealth management tools.

Ripsaw® is not and never intends to be a financial advisor. Our fundamental premise is that you are the best person to be ultimately responsible for your wealth decisions. Our independence means we only seek to provide you with the software and tools and have no influence on or incentives to push anyone to any particular investments.